Rhythmic Routines - A Nocturnal Guide To Skin

Rhythmic Routines - A Nocturnal Guide To Skin

Each night your skin quietly undergoes a deep restorative process while you sleep. During the day, your skin is in protection mode. It is hard at work defending itself against free radical attacks and damage caused by stressors including UV light, pollution, temperature, and other lifestyle factors.  

How the skin works at night 

At night, skin switches into repair mode. This is the time for skin to recover and deeply rejuvenate itself on a cellular level. Skin is also more permeable at night. While this means moisture evaporates from the skin quicker than day time, the good news is that skin is more receptive to the care of topical treatments.

Your morning and evening skincare routine play an essential role in maximizing the natural restoration process and protecting skin hydration levels. 

Factors impacting sleep quality

To encourage your skin to recover optimally, the quality of your sleep matters. When you’re unable to wind down and sleep patterns are light or disrupted, the levels of melatonin and HGH released become unstable and start to decline. This, in turn, impacts your skin’s entire regeneration process.

A few of the common culprits responsible for poor night’s sleep include stress-

During times of stress, the amount of cortisol - a stimulating, alerting hormone - rises in our bodies. You may know cortisol as ‘the stress hormone’ but it also plays an important role in regulating the sleep cycle.

Healthy levels of cortisol rise gradually in the second half of the night’s sleep, helping ease the body into a wakeful state.

Issues arise when prolonged or high levels of stress mean the body remains in ‘alert’ mode and the natural sleep cycle is disrupted.

Research also tells us that prolonged stress can trigger or aggravate inflammatory skin conditions including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, and contact dermatitis.


The role of Melatonin and Human Growth Hormone

Melatonin and human growth hormone (HGH) are your skin’s greatest natural alleys during sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the brain’s Pineal gland and is responsible for controlling the body’s sleep/wake cycle. It also assists in cellular repair and the production of antioxidant enzymes work to reverse and repair cells.

(HGH) is a hormone that initiates cellular regeneration providing the collagen and elastin necessary to support thicker, firmer skin.

Both melatonin and HGH levels rise while we sleep and the elevation of these hormones is crucial for optimal skin repair.

Disrupted circadian rhythms

Circadian rhythm refers to your body’s own internal clock. One of its key roles is the regulation of your natural sleep/wake cycle.

When our natural circadian rhythm becomes disrupted it can have a detrimental effect on the skin. Transepidermal water loss, skin blood flow, and skin temperature are all influenced by our personal circadian rhythm.

For quality sleep, you need to address issues that throw your natural circadian rhythm off course. For example, too much screen time (blue light stimulation) right before bed.

Sleep, Skin, and Your Immune System

Your immune system and sleeping patterns are intrinsically linked. Not getting enough sleep weakens your immune defenses which in turn makes skin more vulnerable to inflammation, hypersensitivity, and other concerns.

When your immune system is compromised skin doesn’t heal as quickly, acne can be triggered, and you may be more sensitive to things (fragrance, pollens, etc) you wouldn’t usually have a reaction to. 

Morning routines

Your morning skincare routine should help your skin protect itself against daytime stressors to prevent or minimize free radical damage.

Antioxidants are the first line of defense against free radical attacks so including antioxidant-rich products in your morning routine is a must. Reinforcing hydration is also key for your morning routine.

Daytime ingredients:

Vitamin C - Brightening with high antioxidant activity to neutralize free radical damage.

Vitamin B5 (panthenol) - Anti-inflammatory, hydrating, and healing.

Antioxidants - Antioxidants can help protect against the damage caused by external factors faced by your skin during the day.

SPF - Whether you choose a physical or chemical sunscreen, SPF protection is a must during the day.

Night rituals

Skin permeability is also higher in the evening than during the day which means it’s more receptive to products at night.

Nighttime ingredients:

Retinol and retinoids - (Vitamin A ) Promotes cell renewal, brightens skin tone, addresses signs of aging, clinically shown to increase skin's natural Hyaluronic acid production.

Peptides - Skin repairing, increase moisture levels, and elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid - Restores skin hydration levels at night.

Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) -Strengthens the skin’s surface and protects against moisture loss.

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids - Exfoliation and skin brightening.

Our recommended Morning + Evening Product Pairings


This ultra-hydrating fluid assimilates to the skin on contact, offering immediate moisture balance and long-lasting hydration helping to support skin barrier strength.

Formulated to help prevent skin dehydration, each droplet binds to cells, delivering beta-glucan, and essential vitamins C, B5, and E.

Symmetry Fluid

An abundant supply of vitamins, antioxidants, and energy-rich phyto-nutrients fortify the skin's surface. Counterbalances the impact of free-radical assault on skin cells and boosts skin’s resilience to oxidation and environmental stressors.

Whichever you choose to use, we recommend wearing a moisturizing SPF over Immersion or Symmetry Fluid. 


Stellar Restoration

Stellar Restoration is a new generation vitamin A formula. It is an extremely beneficial age-intervention, anti-blemish, dermal repair treatment in the form of a thin, easily absorbed serum.

Although our current offering does not include a night moisturizer we believe that every night routine should include an occlusive creme moisturizer + or facial oil to minimize moisture loss.

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