How does encapsulation work ?

You might be familiar with older retinol formulations that quickly disperse an excess of the active ingredient into the skin, thus causing sensitivity, irritation, and skin discomfort, making it difficult to commit to long-term use.

To address these challenges, we formulate only with micro-encapsulated retinol which offers excellent compatibility and stabilization within the liposome delivery system. The liposomal encapsulation imparts a slow release into the skin and penetrates deeper over an extended period; this means similar results to non-encapsulated retinol without inflammation, irritation, and dehydration.

Another distinct advantage of micro-encapsulation is that it protects the integrity of active ingredients. Like an egg, the core active material is fully coated in a micro-encapsulated polymer sphere and isolated from the external elements. As a result, the active ingredient; in this case vitamin A is completely stabilized, and shielded from the outside environment and potential oxidation.

This technology allowed our chemist to build a resilient formula without the formulation and packaging challenges of traditional retinol.