Klur Unseasonal Kind Oil

What makes Unseasonal Kind unique?

We believe thinking differently results in a better product, and instead of sourcing unusual and exotic ingredients, we sought inspiration from what already exists.

Unseasonal Kind is formulated to match and mimic essential lipids and antioxidants naturally found in the SSL, furthermore sharing a similar structure to skin surface lipids and the inherent repairing properties of nature.

Developed by an esthetician, this oil-based treatment uses precise ratios of Squalene, Jojoba Oil, Co-q 10, Vitamin C, and E, plus fourteen well-researched botanicals to provide impeccable skin replenishment. In addition, a liposomal delivery system ensures your skin receives the maximum benefit from every ingredient.

Every application provides a foundational lipid-rich environment for optimal skin health support, which helps to slow skin degradation by preserving and replenishing its existing vitality.

Designed for weekly use and suitable for all seasons, skin types, conditions, and ethnicities.