Elements of Comfort ™
Elements of Comfort ™
Elements of Comfort ™
Elements of Comfort ™

Elements of Comfort ™ BOTANICAL BODY OIL 100 ML


This uniquely fragrant multi-purpose botanical oil is formulated to help nourish, firm and replenish skin. A comforting aromatic bouquet of Neroli Orange Blossom, Bulgarian Rose, and French Lavender impart a delicate floral yet earthy, gender-fluid aroma. Organic hempseed, avocado, and grapeseed oils deliver reparative nutrients to parched areas, while providing replenishment and protection against daily moisture loss. Thus, transforming skin to its most radiant state.

100 ML /3.4 FL OZ.

For best results start with clean damp body and massage the desired amount onto the skin, allow the oil to absorb fully. Wear alone or mix with other lotions. EOC can also be worn as a fragrant body treatment; simply press a few drops onto the wrist, decollate, or directly behind the ears.

Please Note: Functional aromatics are specifically formulated for use on the body, not on the face

Shake well with each use.

-Esthetician developed and expertly formulated.

-Made without parabens, fragrance, phthalates, or dyes.

-Sustainably manufactured in the United States of America.

Reference: Due to the complexity of essential oils in the formula, Elements of Comfort is not suited for a facial application. A natural shift in fragrance will occur over time, this is expected and does not impact performance.

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