Highly Favored Skin Brighteners

Highly Favored Skin Brighteners

Many cosmetic products lure skin-care enthusiasts by promising to deliver divine brightening benefits. But some glow-ups come with setbacks: Products that brighten by lifting hyperpigmentation from the skin can occasionally cause irritation.

Thankfully, you don’t have to risk your skin’s health to reveal its radiance. At Klur, we integrate gentle synthetic and botanical brighteners for truly inclusive formulas — appropriate for all skin tones and types — that won’t disrupt your skin or compromise your comfort.

From intentionally selected bioavailable forms of vitamin C to unique botanicals, here are our favorite skin brighteners that we incorporate in our offerings to support your skin’s health and vibrancy.


Brilliant Light ™

Innovative Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a key skin-brightening ingredient in many cosmetics, as this antioxidant plays a vital role in promoting collagen production, evening skin tone, and strengthening skin’s defenses against UV damage. Over the past decade, technological innovations have led to the development of many sophisticated forms of vitamin C. One of the most commonly used forms of vitamin C in cosmetics is L-ascorbic acid (L-AA).

But our offerings don’t include L-AA, because it's a fairly unstable and aggressive form of vitamin C. Using it repeatedly can disrupt skin’s surface and make skin more sensitive. Instead, we’ve chosen to formulate with one of three bioavailable forms of vitamin C: ascorbyl glucoside, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (THD), and sodium ascorbyl phosphate (SAP).

All three of these less-aggressive modern derivatives are non-irritating and stable, and won’t provoke an inflammatory response — ideal for individuals who are sensitive to acidic formulas that contain L-AA.  

Lab-Crafted Illumination

We’re fascinated by the complexity of plants and botanicals for the future of cosmeceuticals. But as a science-informed company, we also know we can achieve the best outcomes by intentionally integrating some of the most valued modern ingredients of our times. All of our offerings are esthetician-developed and expertly formulated for optimal skin health. Learn more about our formulation philosophy.

Our well-considered synthetic skin brighteners include a couple of our favorite stable forms of vitamin C and a versatile form of vitamin B.

Our favorable forms of vitamin C

Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate

(THD) is a form of vitamin C that’s fat-soluble, allowing it to sink into skin better than its water-soluble counterparts. Once within skin, this well-aging agent neutralizes free radicals that damage skin lipids, like ceramides and cholesterol, and minimizes the appearance of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Plus, THD is a potent antioxidant, known to help stimulate and protect collagen.

Sodium ascorbyl phosphate

(SAP) is a rising star in skin care thanks to its gentle intelligence. Enzymes in skin skillfully convert SAP to L-AA, a transformation that makes this ingredient agreeable for more skin types and conditions, and that increases skin’s antioxidant-storage capability. SAP is also highly stable, and able to withstand exposure to light and oxygen without degrading. And true to its vitamin C capability, it stimulates collagen production and fades discoloration, leading to resilient skin with an even tone.


A form of vitamin B3, doesn’t contain the same brightening alchemy as vitamin C, but it has a multipurpose magic of its own. This dynamic nutrient repairs damaged DNA, improves surface structure, smoothes premature signs of aging, and diminishes hyperpigmentation, irritation, and acne. Together, these effects culminate in a glowing complexion, no matter your skin care concern or type.


Botanical Brightening

Klur strives to innovate by embracing ever-evolving knowledge. Scientific developments are the driving force behind our products, so we insist on staying on top of the latest. This helps us develop formulas that are innovative and effective. So, along with our bio-identical favorites, we add well-researched botanicals to our formulas for a robust brightening boost.

Daisy extract

Daisy extract is perhaps so common that it’s been overlooked for its astounding skin benefits. So while daisy hasn’t yet had its time to shine in skin-care formulations, at Klur, we see the beauty in small things. That’s why we turn to daisy extract to tonify and brighten skin. The extract from this small but mighty flower is an effective tyrosinase inhibitor that naturally resists and reduces skin discoloration, including sun spots, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. It also encourages cell turnover through exfoliation gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Camu Camu

Is a tropical fruit that’s one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C in the world. This abundance imbues the plant with the vitamin’s knack for nurturing even, smooth, supple skin that’s protected from UV rays and pollution.

Licorice root

A pigment-producing enzyme and removes excess melanin, clearing discoloration and elevating skin’s luster. Plus, this plant brings harmony to herbal formulations, increasing the potency or reducing the irritation potential of other herbs and compounds.

Bearberry extract

Also known as “uva-ursi,” or Arbutin, its synthetic counterpart is an anti-inflammatory that discourages surplus melanin production and lightens hyperpigmentation for even more plant-powered brightening potential. 

Shine On

Many of Klur’s offerings include one or more of these esteemed multi-functional brighteners, including our favorite forms of vitamin C that repair, protect, moisturize, and more. For each formula, we carefully select a form of vitamin C in an amount — ranging from 5% to 20% — that will complement the product and enhance its effects based on the formula’s purpose and function. Explore the various benefits of these thoughtfully synchronized ingredients by trying the following products:  

Brilliant Light, a multi-correctional repair serum that will reveal a healthier, more brilliant tone in all skin types and ethnicities.

Unseasonal Kind, a lipid replenishment treatment for all skin types and all seasons.


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