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​​Sculpture + A: Form and Correct Overnight Enrichment Creme

As you sleep, your skin works to heal itself from any damage it may have encountered during the day from UV radiation, pollution, and other factors that contribute to what we call “eco-aging.” That’s part of why an evening skin-care routine that encourages renewal is so essential — and, as we’ve all experienced, the best routines are built around gentle consistency and offer well-rounded, long-lasting benefits without a crowded collection of products. 

Our rejuvenating new overnight creme, Sculpture + A, is thoughtfully formulated to strengthen your skin and support well-aging while you slumber so your face feels more smooth, protected, and refreshed when you awaken. 

This velvety natural retinol cream is filled to the brim with science-backed ingredients that enrich our skin’s ability to strengthen itself and age gracefully, including retinol, peptides, and 19(!) skin-soothing botanicals like violet, chamomile, reishi, ginkgo, turmeric, and more.  While each of these ingredients is powerful on its own, this dynamic treatment truly shines for its botanical synergy. When combined, these herbs and oils uplift each other, creating an effective botanical blend that’s even greater than the sum of its parts.

A Botanical Boost

This overnight enrichment creme stars 19 botanicals that work together to strengthen and support the skin. We intentionally picked these ingredients based on their ability to harmoniously support well-aging from every angle, tackling hydration, inflammation, exfoliation, and more. Here’s an insider view of the incredible herbs and oils that we’ve combined in our exclusive Sculpture + A natural retinol cream, plus science-backed reasons for why our founder and esthetician believes these botanicals are transformative for your skin. 

Restorative Support System

Your outermost layer of skin, or barrier, is your first line of defense, keeping pathogens and pollution out and moisture in. Lipids, the layer of natural fats on the skin’s surface, are essential to this process. Unfortunately, they decline over time. The oils included in Sculpture + A, including plum seed oil, jojoba oil, and broccoli seed oil, help rebalance and restore those vital skin lipids, keeping moisture in and pollution out. 

Individually, each of these nourishing, plant-based oils is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free-radical damage. Together, they form a potent base that nourishes skin and seals in moisture for a naturally healthy, hydrated complexion. 

Gentle Repair for Well-Aging

The elements and contaminants we meet in our day-to-day lives can play a part in premature skin aging by inciting inflammation and spurring free radicals to attack healthy skin cells, resulting in dull, depleted skin. At Klur, we believe aging is a beautiful and natural part of the human experience. Yet, we can call on gentle, natural botanicals to help ourselves age gracefully and in good health.

These antioxidant and anti-inflammatory botanicals defend against free-radical damage and smooth premature signs of aging.

Hydrating borage and protective safflower soothe dry, damaged skin.

Date seed boosts skin elasticity and brightness while diminishing pigmentation and redness. 

Golden turmeric lends further luster, giving skin a natural glow.

Boswellia delivers firm, even skin and, paired with the date seed extract, reduces wrinkle depth.

Meadowfoam seed oil and shea butter merge to make a rich yet lightweight emollient that will make your skin feel soft and supple.

Versatile Herbs for Hydration

Hydration is invaluable. In addition to moisture slipping away through a compromised barrier, skin can also become dehydrated over time from harsh weather and other factors, leaving it itchy and irritated and making signs of aging more pronounced. We incorporated a floral fusion of green tea, chamomile water, and violet flower for a healthy dose of hydration that helps soothe dry, itchy skin. Green tea’s antioxidant properties also place it in the company of the creme’s botanicals that prevent free-radical damage and repair the skin barrier.

Fortified Vitality

Healing skin from within is just as essential as protecting its surface. As we age, the structure of our skin naturally wanes, resulting in the loss of elasticity. A number of nutrient-rich botanicals in Sculpture + A’s mixture lessen these effects by improving the skin’s integrity and structure. 

Antioxidant-laden reishi stimulates cell growth, enhancing skin’s vitality, texture, and firmness. 

Gotu kola supports the production of collagen, an essential skin building block that supplies a youthful, plump appearance. 

Ginkgo biloba helps protects against sun damage and reduces roughness.

Grape seed oil tightens skin and lightens hyperpigmentation for a smooth, even tone. 

These enriching ingredients also contribute to the creme’s free-radical-neutralizing effects, and in just one of this offering’s many cooperative combinations, ginkgo biloba acts synergistically with green tea to improve skin elasticity and barrier function, reinforcing skin health from inside and out. 

Reveal Your Vibrancy

Exfoliation ensures the even removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface, leaving behind more vibrant skin with fewer fine lines. In Sculpture + A, lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin to encourage moisture retention, ceramide production, and cell turnover for a fresh-faced morning glow.

Thoughtfully Selected Synthetics

For this holistic evening treatment, we chose safe synthetics that work well with our botanicals to provide a full range of skin-rejuvenating activity.

A common condition that can mount with age is glycation, a chemical reaction that impairs the elasticity of skin. Signs of glycation include dryness, deep premature wrinkling, textured pigmentation, and inflamed breakouts. Retinol (vitamin A) helps with collagen production, corrects tone and texture, and increases skin’s ability to hold water. Functional peptides amplify the actions of retinol, curbing and reversing glycation damage.

However, retinol can also compromise the skin’s barrier, which is where the formula’s 19 skin-strengthening, soothing, reparative botanicals enter, to ease any irritation associated with retinol’s presence.

A Luxurious, Enduring Ritual

This luscious creme’s sustainability reaches far beyond its ingredients. It’s inclusive of numerous skin types and conditions and pleasurable to spread across your skin, making for a multifaceted nighttime routine that will have a lasting impact.

Three nights per week, apply our organic retinol cream to clean, dry skin on your face, your neck, and the backs of your hands, and seal with Unseasonal Kind replenishment oil for a synchronized suite of benefits. Use consistently to help form and visibly promote a more lustrous and healthy complexion at any age. As you use this product to boost your beauty sleep, remember that you’re already uniquely beautiful.

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